About us

From Isolation to integration

Since I grew up in several different countries, the ‘Internationale Kirche Thurgau’ is special to me. It’s all about Swiss Christians and believers from various nations coming together, breaking down the barriers of prejudice and sharing the love of God together. Life in Switzerland can be challenging for people from other countries: the language, isolation and the constant feeling of being excluded are painful realities. That’s why it is important to be part of a Christian community, where people can share life together and learn how to integrate more easily. At the ‘Internationale Kirche Thurgau’, no one is regarded as a ‘foreigner’. We are simply believers from different cultures and local Christians, worshipping God and enjoying fellowship together. You are more than welcome to join us!

Penny Pfleger - Pastor

How it all began

During a Vision Conference in March 2015, Jesus put it on the hearts of the pastors of the Chrischona Churches in Aadorf, Felben-Pfyn, Frauenfeld, Steckborn and Weingarten to reach out to a group of people that is rarely ministered to directly: the international community in Switzerland! One year later, the elders of the five churches decided to start the ‘Internationale Kirche Thurgau’. The central focus of this new Church is the service on Sunday afternoons that is held in High German, with translation into English. This is the place where all nations celebrate God, international believers integrate step by step, Swiss Christians lose their inhibitions towards people of other cultures and together we bring the Gospel to our friends!

Paul Bruderer - Senior Pastor Chrischona Frauenfeld

Everyone is equally precious

God loves the whole world! He wants to be Father to men, women and children of every culture, every nation, every language and every colour. Each person is equally important and equally precious in God’s sight. He invites everyone to live with Him, offering them forgiveness and a future.

At the ‘Internationale Kirche Thurgau’, we want to put this into practice and, with God, proclaim: We love the whole world, people of every culture, every nation, every language, and every colour. Each person here is equally important and equally precious. Everyone is welcome. And so are you!

Christian Haslebacher - Chrischona Regional Director